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The Ultimate Kid's Internet


Browser Benefits And Features

Kids Surf Safe - Prescreened "Include List" of Sites Just for Kids!
Provides Loads of Online FUN – You can access over 10,000 websites with just one click! This includes thousands of sites helpful for doing homework, plus sites featuring educational games and other cool content.
Pop Up Blocker - Our browser has a built in Pop-Up Blocker to help squash those pesky ads!
Fun Interface - for both girls and boys – Entertaining and engaging.

Multiple Child Accounts - Create multiple Child Accounts with different settings for each child's account.
Educational Games and Activities - that teach Internet Safety - A cool graphic interface gives you access to tons of online activities, games and educational websites that have been pre-screened for age-appropriateness by CEN, based on our Content Policy.
Animated 3-D McGruff – McGruff comes to life and greets you as you launch the browser and speaks random words of encouragement, built on Microsoft’s “Agent” technology.
Customizable Child Experience – Customized content available for age appropriate Internet surfing.
Multiple Themes - We have many themes that appeal to both boys and girls, PLUS, we are always coming out with new themes to keep the content fun and fresh.

An animated McGruff will be your child’s guide!!

McGruff will personally greet your child
McGruff will read your child’s email out loud
McGruff will educate your child about being safe
on the Internet
Even enlist McGruff’s help with reminding kids
about daily chores
And, you can have McGruff personally deliver words of encouragement to your child

Your child will want to use The McGruff Kid Safe Internet Browser. Why? Because nowhere else will your child experience a fun Internet environment, play educational games designed to strengthen their minds and surf content all built into a cool interactive web browser that your child will actually want to use!

This FREE software can be installed on multiple computers. Users can download our McGruff software onto as many computers as you want or need!

Free Browser Options (within Parent Administration):
Include List
Ban Word List
Change Password
Add or Delete websites according to what you want for your child

PLUS, Your Child receives a FREE Trial to
Club TUKI -
The Ultimate Kids' Internet.

Educational Games: We have created the 1st Internet Safety Education Arcade, with games, puzzles and more to help teach children how to be responsible Internet citizens. See ClubTUKI Here

TUKI Moola: When your children play our games, they "earn" TUKI Moola that is deposited into their TUKI bank account. This is our way of teaching kids finance. See Club TUKI Here

TUKI Auction: Once kids build up their bank account from playing educational games, they can then go to our "auction" and bid on real products and services. This is our way to reward children for playing educational games! (Paid Option)See Club TUKI Here

TUKI Mail: Our mail system was designed to allow children to use email without worries of spam and other inappropriate email from advertisers. Kids only get email from parent approved "buddies" when using email from our browser. (Paid Option) See Club TUKI Here

TUKI TV: TUKI TV is our way of allowing children to have fun watching video online without inappropriate video being played. It's real TV that's clean, fun and entertaining. See Club TUKI Here

Parent tools allow you to easily control your child’s activities on the web

You Can Easily Add or Subtract Sites from the "Include List" within the McGruff Browser, even create a custom "Include List" for each child based on age – for total control of the sites your children can visit.
Kid-Safe Email - Each child can send and receive email only within the “buddy list” you approve, to prevent unsolicited SPAM emails, as well as emails from other unknown individuals.
Personal Information Filters:

  • You can prevent your children from giving out personal information about themselves or family members.
  • Your child continually learns about Internet safety.
  • "Club TUKI" delivers Internet safety education to your child daily as they play educational games!
  • Premium Feature with Club Tuki Subscription.