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The Ultimate Kid's Internet


A new browser window will open
and you will be taken to


1. Note: Browser is not currently supported on Macintosh. Follow the instructions below to complete the installation. If you experience any problems, please contact our Customer Support Center at (760) 233-2863, or visit us online at 1. From the File Download window, select the Run button to start the download process. If you are using Windows 98 or Windows ME, the button may say Open.

2. When the download process has completed, the Internet Explorer Security Warning window will display. This window serves notice that the software program you are installing is from Children's Educational Network, and is safe to install. Select the Run button from the Internet Explorer Security Warning window.

3. The InstallShield Wizard window will display next. Select the Next button to continue the install process.

4. Read the Disclaimer and click Yes.

5. When the Choose Destination Location Wizard window appears, select the Next button to accept the default location, or select the Browse button to choose an alternate installation location.

6. After selecting your destination location, the Start Copying Files windows will display. Select the Next button to begin the file copy process.

7. When the file copy process is done, you will be prompted that the installation has completed. Select the OK button to start the Browser.