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The Ultimate Kid's Internet

The only solution of its kind to protect your kids online:
The Fun, Educational and FREE, McGruff Kid Safe Web Browser!


That’s why the National Crime Prevention Council, including McGruff the Crime Dog and his pal Scruff, are proud to announce a superior solution: The McGruff Kid Safe Internet Browser for Kids will teach your kids what they need to know and how to safely interact online...Learn More


It’s FREE!!

Kids Surf Safe
Loads of Online FUN
Highly Educational
Complete Parental Controls
Installable on Multiple Computers
Multiple Child Accounts
Pop Up Blocker
Bad Language Filter
Talking Email

McGruff teaches your children to be safe when they surf the Internet or when they send and receive email. Filters alone are ineffective at keeping our kids safe, because they don’t filter out all inappropriate sites, and they don’t prevent children from divulging personal information. To find out how your kids can learn tried-and-true ways of the safely surfing the Internet…

BROWSER Features

Children have instant access to over 10,318 prescreened child-appropriate sites
Exclusive "desktop lockdown" prevents web access from another browser
Parent tools allow you to easily control your child’s activities on the web
Customize each child’s Internet access by age
Kid-safe email ensures no spam – and no emails from strangers
Prevent your child from giving out personal information

Animated McGruff is your child’s Internet guide!

McGruff will personally greet your child, read your child’s email out loud, deliver words of encouragement, teach your child about being safe on the Internet - even remind your child about daily chores!

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What do you want to become when you grow up?

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And the McGruff Kid Safe Browser is FREE! If you care about your child’s online safety and educational experiences and you’re running Windows please claim your free browser today.

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"I have three Kids' and all three of them are loving the browser!"

  Kritsi Mildon

'I couldn't let the opportunity go by to say thank you.  My 9 year old son loves the browser!  He thanked me last night for setting it up for him and wanted me to "tell the guy who let us use it, thanks too."

Mike Farrell

Charlotte Price
Mother of 2

Gary Turner